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Are you embracing ‘new ways of working’ yet?

We support you in building a responsive, future-oriented team and organisation which focuses on adding value, rather than just doing a job. We help you develop new skills and adopt practices that will transform your organisation from within and can be embedded to create immediate and lasting change.

How do you run your meetings, make decisions, organise internally, care for each other and your customers? There’s a whole range of tools and techniques available to help you create more value than you ever imagined, just waiting for you to give them a try.

We bring our expertise in the future of work to help you identify the best tools and processes for your organisation, and then guide you through putting them into practice.

Why should you embrace ‘new ways of working’?

The evidence suggests that by the end of this decade, the dominant organisational structures will look very different from the traditional top-down pyramid we have been so accustomed to in the past.

Chartered Management Institute President (and Lloyds of London Chair), Bruce Carnegie-Brown, is expecting the role of the manager to be replaced by that of coach.

According to a recent PwC survey “86% of UK CEOs believe the shift towards remote collaboration will endure.”

And Professor Gary Hamel of the London Business School, hailed by Wall Street Journal as the world’s most influential business thinker, claims that to be fit for the future, businesses will need to become human-centric.

All of this points to an unstoppable trend.

How we support you to embrace ‘new ways of working’

We are experienced in new ways of working.  We know that every organisation is different and there’s no one right solution, so we help our clients tap into their collective wisdom within and identify what will work best for them.

Our aim is not to give you fish, but to help you fish for yourselves.  We want to enable you to develop the skills and tools to be self-sufficient, to reinvent yourself from within and to build a stronger, more resilient organisation.


Our unique ‘Swimulation’ methodology highlights underlying assumptions and enables you to decide how you can create a more effective work environment for the future. 

We then support you in developing a roadmap and embedding the skills needed to create permanent change.

Facilitation and Coaching

We dive into detail, looking at current practices and working with your teams to put various tools to use and discover which ones work best for you. We support you to dismantle blockers and resolve conflict. And we enable cross-functional dialogue to co-create a new organisation that embraces diversity.

We provide team facilitation, leadership coaching and individual coaching to support you as needed. All the while, stepping further and further into the background as your confidence and skills grow.

Until you’re ready to GoFish! for yourselves!

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