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Our collective mission is to make workplaces
more human, more fun and more sustainable

Katrin Shaw

Sometimes I dream that I’m back at my old place of work. I wake up anxious and sad and am stuck with this feeling all day.

I improve workplace cultures so you can go to work without feeling anxious. I help you and your team perform at your best. I do this in the hope that I can prevent others from experiencing horrible workplaces.

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Helen Triggs

I believe that by improving the experience of work, we can have a positive impact on society and the environment.

Through user research, coaching and co-design, I support people who want to bring more humanity to their workplace.

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Brett Sadler

During a long corporate career I witnessed huge amounts of talent going to waste due to too much control creating a dispirited workforce with initiative discouraged, and such low levels of engagement that people often only gave the minimum effort required.  I also saw the massive difference that giving people a sense of pride in their work and the scope to make decisions made to individual and team performance.
That’s why my work as an independent leadership coach and consultant has been focussed on creating working environments where people can thrive and do their best work.

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François Knuchel

In our complex world, I believe we need to shift from leadership to communityship, from knowing to unknowing, from independence to interdependence.

I support this by designing participatory events, co-creating peer-based self-organised learning labs & embodied learning experiences, and facilitating deep generative dialogue.

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