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unlocking deep cultural issues that hold your organisation back from doing their best work

What is a Swimulation?

It’s an embodied experience that shifts mindsets in a way that can’t be done with data and logic alone. At its core, it is a rich simulation in which participants make decisions, solve problems and strive to complete tasks in culturally diverse environments.

Participants experience the dynamics, processes and merits of different styles of working across a diverse set of assumptions. They learn to observe how they solve problems and make decisions, and they develop skills for working more effectively across differences.

The process provides a starting point to reflect deeply on systemic blockers that hold us back from working better together and create a roadmap to overcome them.

“The experience was fun and challenging and opened my eyes in terms of how flexible and adaptable people need to be to work together successfully”

Swimulation participant

Why run a Swimulation?

  • See yourself, your team and your organisation from a different perspective
  • Improve collaboration, engagement and co-creation
  • Improve productivity and interactivity between people from different mind-sets
  • Identify deep systemic issues 
  • Find where to start in co-creating the culture you all want
  • A rare opportunity for deep reflection as a team and as an individual
  • Energise others to own the change they want
  • Create an environment where people can celebrate diversity of perspective and yet still have a common language to collaborate

“The Swimulation helped me arrive at some powerful insights into my personal responses when confronted with different perspectives and behavioural styles in an organisational culture context. The insights I gained are already shaping my thinking about what effective collaboration and team building looks like, and addressing unspoken conflicts that arise through all sorts of difference and diversity.”

Swimulation participant

The Swimulation can be most relevant for any organisation or community that is considering transforming itself, seeking to undergo a mindset shift (e.g. encouraging more autonomy) or needing to reinvent itself inside out, as it brings to light issues arising from different assumptions and ways of working.

It works well as a stand-alone process and works superbly as part of a longer support programme.

How do I run a Swimulation?

Please get in touch if you are interested in running a Swimulation with your team or organisation. We’re happy to discuss your specific needs.

For guidance, a Swimulation can be run online or in-person, and is usually split over 2 half-day sessions with a minimum of 20 people taking part.

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